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Saturday, August 11, 2007

New airline to boost passenger traffic at Penang airport

The current under-capacity of the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas is set to change this year, with the entry of a new local airline.

It is learnt that the airline, which may be a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and called "FireFly", is currently awaiting its air services permit from the authorities and could be launched as early as this month. Among others, the airline is required to convince the approving authorities of its customer service and safety capabilities, along with the number of personnel available to manage its operations. A source told the Business Times that the Penang airport, designed to accommodate five million passengers per year, was operating below its capacity at the moment. "Last year, only three million passengers used the airport so there is ample room for more," the source said. MAS has confirmed that it is planning to set up a new domestic and regional operation to service the premium travel market, using the Penang airport as its base. Codenamed "Project Firefly", MAS is reported to use Penang as a hub to service holiday destinations like Langkawi, Phuket and Medan, along with local destinations like Kota Baru and Kuala Terengganu. Ahead of the new airline's entry, works are already underway to increase the number of check-in counters at the airport. "There are currently 32 such counters but these have proven to be inadequate, so works have started for another 25-32 additional counters via a southwards expansion of the terminal building, the source said. Meanwhile, it is also learnt that Penang's new low-cost carrier terminal is likely to be sited north of the existing passenger terminal building. Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon announced last month that the Penang Government is in talks with Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd and the Department of Civil Aviation on land for a budget terminal in Bayan Lepas. It is learnt that AirAsia has asked the State Government to donate the land. The budget airline is also believed to be asking for rights to be the licensed operator to keep costs low for its passengers.

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Establish a curfew for heavy vehicles to use the Penang Bridge

Aug 11, 2008 - The Penang Transportation Committee is currently in discussion to prohibit heavy vehicles, e.g. big lorries, big trailers, big trucks, except buses during peak hours to reduce the traffic jam, and suggest that those quite old vehicles should be often checked up and tagged with a 'health' sticker.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good stake in Second Penang Bridge project

Malaysia has obtained a good equity stake of 49% in the joint-venture CHEC-UEMC Consortium, despite receiving a substantial loan of US$800mil from China.

An artist's impression of the 23km second Penang Bridge

The CHEC-UEMC Consortium is formed by China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) and UEM Group to build the Second Penang Bridge.

CHEC information division manager Ma Jie said this was due to the strong bilateral-relationship between China and Malaysia that had lasted more than 600 years.

“China would usually want to hold on to an 80% or 90% stake in the joint-venture company when it gave out such a substantial loan but because of the relations, China is agreeable to Malaysia holding a 49% stake,” he said.

Ma said the 3% interest charged by China and the 20-year repayment period was also a special deal for Malaysia.

“If UEM Group had gone elsewhere to obtain the loan, the interest rate would be between 5% and 6%.

“In short, Malaysia's cost to build the bridge drops significantly, due to the loan from China,” he added.

Ma said CHEC would also consider collaborating with UEM to work on infrastructure projects in African and Middle-Eastern countries.

“CHEC does not build only bridges. It also has the expertise in highways and airports.

“Presently CHEC has infrastructure projects in the Middle East, while UEM is undertaking similar projects in Qatar,” he added.

By joining with CHEC, a Fortune 500 company, UEM is bringing in one of the world's leading bridge builders to construct the second link in Penang.

“CHEC is now constructing the 32.4km Sutong Bridge, which is the world's longest cable-stay bridge, connecting Suzhou and Nantong.

“The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2008. In December 2005, CHEC completed the 32.5km Donghai Bridge, the world's second longest bridge, connecting Shanghai and Yangshan Deepwater Port,” he said.

On constructing Penang’s 23km second bridge, Ma said CHEC would use environmentally friendly pre-fabricated pile foundation and pre-fabricated assembly pack technology.

“A pre-fabrication yard would be built in Penang to manufacture 294 piers and 9,364 sections for the bridge. It would take a year to produce the pre-fabricated parts and about 24 months to join them. The bridge, with the ability to withstand a 7 Richter scale earthquake, will have a 100-year life span. Over 80% of the raw materials used for the bridge will be sourced in Malaysia,” he said.

Ma said the bridge would have a dual two-lane carriageway with one motorcycle lane on each side. CHEC has over 100,000 employees worldwide, more than 60 offices overseas, and has a turnover of US$15bil last year.

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Best Workers from China for Second Penang Bridge

The most experienced workers and professionals from China will be employed for building the Second Penang Bridge by CHEC (China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd).

Wan is presently managing the Sutong Bridge which was recently completed by CHEC in the Jiangsu Province of China.

Recently, CHEC completed the 8146 m long Sutong bridge in the Jiangsu Province of China which partly used the technology is also the world's first longest stayed cable bridge.

The bridge is the first in CHEC's list to use the short-line-matching technology for building the bridge across the Yangtze River, linking Nantong city and Suzhou city in the province.

The Penang Second Bridge will be also built using the same technology.

Its other world records include having the main span stretching for 1088 m, beating the record held by Japan's Duo Duo Luo Bridge by 198 m.

CHEC, which is developing the Second Penang Bridge together with UEM, has given the commitment to the Malaysian government to start work on the bridge in early November if all relevant approvals and documentation on the Malaysian side are completed by Aug 1.

CHEC has already started survey and geo-investigation works at site and mobilised dredging equipment and is on standby to start other preliminary work such as trial piles and dredging.

It is also awaiting the final say from the Malaysian government and UEM on the design for the two viewing platforms on either side of the bridge which are expected to have some Islamic features.

CHEC is China's leading bridge builder but its projects have been mostly within China so far and it sees the development of the Second Penang Bridge as a significant development outside China and as a move towards its expansion to the region and the rest of the world.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Use SMS to check the Penang Bridge traffic via OTIM

The OTIM (Online Traffic Information Management System) at has been introduced to enable users to use SMS to check the Penang Bridge traffic.

OTIM allows users to subscribe the free SMS alerts from the OTIM about the serious traffic status of the Penang Bridge, e.g. accidents, massive jam, lane closure etc.

To subscribe, type:

To unsubscribe, type:

Then, send to the below OTIM SMS numbers:

012-344 6900
012-434 5366
017-407 0366
012-491 5366
012-492 5366
017-407 1366

016-339 0999
016-416 8666

013-388 3131
019-573 3666
013-523 3666
019-445 9644

Skirmish between a criminal and a policeman on the Penang bridge

8 Aug , 2007 - It was a black day for commuters using the Penang Bridge. A skirmish between a criminal and a policeman on the Penang Bridge caused the traffic jam on the Penang Bridge for about 7 hours.

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